Newborn Book Audio Version

Newborn Book Audio Version

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The Newborn Photography Book: Love and Light | The Practical and Creative Process is here in audio format.
Ana spent 7 hours recording this book!
This information is invaluable, timeless and a handy guide for all levels of Newborn Photographers everywhere. 

Table of Contents

Preface 6
Introduction 9
Where to begin 17
Your Style 21
Equipment 28
Lighting 35
White balance and focus 52
The newborn studio 55
Baby items and safety checklist 56
Accessories and tools 62
Studio maintenance and cleanliness 69
The Home Studio 70
Working at the Clients Home 74
The Retail Studio 82
Safety & Assistants 86
The Heated Room 88
Client Prep and Scheduling 90
Scheduling Newborns 94
The Best Time to Photograph a Newborn 96
Helpful Tips for the First Month 98
The Premature Baby 108
Wrapping 113
Posing with prop shapes 124
Beanbag posing 134
Prop Posing 142
The creative newborn photographer 142
Family Posing 154
The Backlit Baby 166
Posing with Children 170
Perfecting your work 184
Composites 185
Workflow 192
Post Production 198
Running your business 204
love and light 209
Resources 210


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