Little Mama Lacey Sweet Top

The Little Mama Lacey Sweet Top is just like Mama's Lacey Sweet Top...only cuter because it's so little! These are super adorable, and you can use them with so many different types of sessions! Sibling newborn sessions, Mama & me Maternity sessions, Birthday with Tutu...the opportunities are endless!

Mix and match these with the little skirts and have a blast...the little girls will thank you.


**Lace texture, pattern & design will vary with colors and availability**


Available in Sizes

• All Youth Girls Sizes •


Please keep in mind that this set is made from delicate fabric and must be handled with that in mind.

Using this item on someone that does not fit will cause the item to rip. Please do not try.

Designed by Celebrity Maternity Photographer Ana Brandt

Once your order is received, processing time may take 1-2 weeks 

Once your order is received, it takes up to 2-3 weeks to process the item(s) in your order.
Orders cancelled are subject to 15% restocking feee

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